Forth Monitoring Cycle

The fourth monitoring cycle took place on Septembre 23-25. This time, in addition to the team of GNSS, UAV, GIS specialists, the experts who will create a portal participated at the measurements.This portal integrates the data from field measurements into a unique database and makes the link between server and client.All data will also be…

CALL FOR PAPERS:The International Conference of GeoSES Project

Disaster Risk Management and Solutions for Monitoring of Risks Organised by: Department of Land Measurements & Cadastre in cooperation with  Department of Ecomomics & Physics of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca November 18-20 2021 | Online                                                           Details about the conference  

Third Monitoring Cycle

Between June 24-26, the project team of experts carried out the  third cycle of monitoring of the risk areas. This time, compared to the measurements performed during the second cycle, the new purchased drone was used, and thus it was possible to make comparisons both between the different technologies used for monitoring and between different…

Second Monitoring Cycle

The second monitoring cycle was performed during March 29-31.After a period of severe winter, with a lot of precipitation, field measurements were performed on the 6 areas established for monitoring. The evaluation of the second cycle took into account all the information necessary to observe any changes in the field since the last monitoring.